Psychotherapy tailored to personal needs

mAIndcraft offers psychotherapeutic treatment by psychological and medical psychotherapists specialized in various fields. Personal needs and indications are smartly assigned to therapist profile.

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Flexible therapy combination for flexible people

Traditional Psychotherapy

Traditional face- to- face psychotherapy combined with Training Modules

Live Videochat

Accessible from everywhere, secure and confidential

Online self- help training

Scientifically based and user-friendly trainings modules for self-exercise and learning from anywhere, as between - sessions - support

Get support from an online therapist

Effective Psychotherapy based on Innovation

mAIndcraft expands classic psychotherapy and improves therapeutic effectiveness with the help of intelligent technology. In the center of the individually tailored therapy plan is not only the experience of the therapists, but especially the experience of the patients in real time. Smart data analysis from continuous process assessment allows effective personalized recommendations.

Here's how it works

The therapy costs are currently covered by private health insurance companies. Cooperations with the public health insurance companies are planned.

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mAIndcraft's Response to Coronavirus
Psychisch gesund durch die Advents- und Weihnachtszeit

Was macht es mit uns, wenn wir auf Abstand feiern müssen?

mAIndcraft's Response to Coronavirus
Corona und Herbstblues

Psychologin gibt Tipps für den Umgang mit Angst und Erschöpfung.

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Impfstoff für die Seele in Coronazeiten

Corona und kein Ende in Sicht: Wie schaffen wir es, durchzuhalten?

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Strategien im Umgang mit Isolation und Einsamkeit

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Psychologin Eva Gjoni im Interview:

"Die Menschen wissen, dass die Krise nicht vorbei ist”

mAIndcraft's Response to Coronavirus
beyond crisis: Deutschland - Land der Ideen

Acht Ideen aus der Zeit der Corona- Krise, die die Gesundheit voranbringen sollen

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Wann löst sich endlich die Corona-Schockstarre?

Der Bedarf an psychologischer Unterstützung werde in der nächsten Zeit stark zunehmen.

mAIndcrafts's Response to Coronavirus
Psychologische Beratung per Videotelefonat

Die Corona-Pandemie kann auf Menschen die verschiedensten Auswirkungen haben.

mAIndcraft's Response to Coronavirus
How healthcare institutions and hackers cooperate

164 participants in 20 hacking teams produced 14 community-sourced tech solutions.


Baltic-Sea-Region Health Innovation Award 2020

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Ausgewähltes Projekt von
Beyond Crisis

Deutschland Land-der-Ideen

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Price for most impact at
Hacking Health Berlin - EasterHack 2020

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Deutschland - Land-der-Ideen
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Our team combines a long therapeutic and scientific experience with technological innovation to enable effective, efficient and personalized behavioral change.

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